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Cultivating Cozy: Creating an inviting sanctuary in the winter

During the winter you spend more time inside and at home than any other time during the year. Make your home a place you want to be by creating a warm and cozy environment.

With just a little effort, you'll create an inviting sanctuary for your family to enjoy all season long! Here are 10 tips for cultivating cozy in the winter:

1. Add layers of textiles to your living space. Things like chunky blankets and textured throw pillows add visual interest and create an inviting space to land. Replacing your light and airy curtains with a heavier textile, and add a high pile rug to the floor to help insulate windows and floors!

2. Light some candles or use a diffuser with essential oils to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Find our favorite, clean-burning candles here!

3. Using a space heater to supplement your central heating system can make your most-used rooms even more warm and inviting. You can find even find some that flicker like a real fire, so they not only add warmth, but look visually appealing too. Remember to never leave a space heater unattended!

4. Adding warm lighting with warm-toned bulbs creates a nice and cozy ambiance. And don't pack the twinkle lights away with the Christmas décor! A pretty string of lights looks beautiful tucked into a vase, as a centerpiece on a table, or lining a bookshelf.

(Image c/o: Nesting with Grace)

5. Lastly, incorporate some greenery! House plants not only add a fresh touch of green inside when there's so much gray outside, but they're also a great source of and oxygen during months when there's little to no airflow throughout the house. Find our favorite local spots for plants here, here or here!

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