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Home Projects with the Best Return on Investment (ROI)

1. Landscaping: Simple landscaping projects can return an average of 100% to 200% of their cost. Be sure to add something that blooms in every season! Simple evergreen bushes or boxwoods look great, sculptural, come in a variety of heights, and are easy to maintain.

2. Insulate the Attic: Attic insulation can return an average of 116% of its cost. No matter the climate, added insulation helps maintain the temperature inside your home keeping you comfortable and keeping energy bills low.

3. Fresh Paint: A fresh coat of paint can return an average of 100% of its cost. If you're getting ready to sell, opt for a neutral color that brightens your space and that could compliment anyone's interior décor style.

4. Add a deck/patio: Creating a living space outdoors is practical and inviting and something homebuyers look for when purchasing a home. Projects like these will return around 82.8% of its cost, and even more if you can DIY it.

5. Modest Kitchen Remodel: You don't need to gut your kitchen to get a good ROI! Keeps costs lower by replacing countertops, cabinet hardware, painting or refacing the cabinets, and upgrading appliances if they're out of date. A mid-range kitchen remodel can return an average of 82.7% of its cost.

6. Modest Bathroom Remodel: Same applies to bathrooms! A mid-range bathroom remodel can return an average of 70.1% of its cost. Upgrade fixtures, shelving, vanity, and paint to keep costs lower. Things get pricey when you begin moving plumbing and have complicated tiling projects.

7. Replacing windows: If you live in an area with older historic homes, this may be something you've had to tackle! It's definitely an investment, but installing energy-efficient windows can boost your home value and return an average of 78% of their cost.

8. Replacing the roof: This is a necessity probably isn't on the top of the "fun home projects" list, but a new roof can give you (and a new owner) peace of mind, and can return an average of 70% of its cost.

It's important to keep in mind that the actual return on investment will vary depending on your specific location, property values, and other factors. If you're improving your home just to sell it, and not for personal enjoyment, it's a good idea to consult with a real estate professional to determine the best home improvement projects for your situation.

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